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Summer thoughts

Over summer, I began considering what it was I wanted to do for my honours project. Throughout my previous 3 years, i’ve been narrowing down on becoming an Environment Artist in Games, and have progressed a staggering amount.

Yet i’m no where NEAR as good as I want to be. Need to be.

In the gaming industry competition between candidates has never been tougher, and I need to be a stand out artist in order to obtain a job. My knowledge of texturing, lighting and sculpting is still far below the threshold of modern 3D artists working on PS4 quality titles.

I want to focus this year on really improving every aspect technically, and creating an artistically dazzling piece which exhibits everything i’ve learned technically, and everything I want to say artistically.

I want to create an environment, showing sculpting & texturing skills in a forest environment, coalesced with a factory/ facility/ church that has been weathered and destroyed by time which will show my texturing and modelling skills. I wish to place it in a skybox and really focus on creating dramatic lighting, as it’s the one fundamental i’ve neglected these past few years. I will discuss my ideas with tutors and see which elements can really help sell me as an artist.

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