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A few more inspirations

Continuing from the previous post, I’ve really begun to look into great, dramatic scenes that involve intricate detailing in modelling and texturing. I think my main problem of 3rd year was my reluctance to challenge myself, but this year i’m going to break through that illusory wall and learn Zbrush, PBR & how to use lighting properly.

Collating more images, I came across these. Bridges, as a form, suggest movement, progression and adventure, perfect for guiding a player through a linear environment, or getting them back on track in an open-world.

Train Bridges Ideas

(Images from deviantart, wikimedia, youtube, weurbanist and alamy)

These bridges, abandoned and forgotten, still stand tall and proud, defiant and strong. The structures made most likely out of steel, have rusted but still retain a rustic majesty about them. They yearn to be explored, to be walked along and admired, to elevate explorers to see regions they couldn’t see without them.


(Photos from deviantart, tumblr, pixdaus, tripadvisor and pggwre)

In a slightly more technical development, I began thinking about rocks. Wild, I know. But rocks come in an extraordinary selection of colours, textures, shapes and sizes, with each attribute determining its origins and history. If i’m to create my first truly immersive environment, even the rocks need to be right. I need to consider the distance from sea, climate, weather conditions, etc. Geography!

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