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Instagram as Study reference

Social networking and the power of Global interaction has brought us, as artists, an innumerable wealth of knowledge and resources, such as Polycount, Digital Tutors, Reddit & Twitter. One of my personal favourites is Instagram, and although at a glance may look like a shallow network of people posting images of themselves pouting or their steak dinner, underneath is a huge selection of talented artists and photographers. A famous Swedish photographer Christoffer Collin who goes by ‘Wisslaren’ online, has over 1 million followers; he travels around the globe finding exciting photo opportunities to share on this social platform.

Although there are many other talented people, I’d like to focus now on just two, specific to my interests and needs at this time in my university career. ‘Itsabandoned’ is an account that focuses on photos of structures and architecture that have been abandoned, and nature has begun to assume control once again. This account is an incredible opportunity to see places around the world, and how they have begun to age and deteriorate. I would never be able to see these places in person, so this Instagram account gives me a glance, if limited, to see places from other cultures, climates and continents begin to dilapidate.


The other account is that of ‘tonydetroit’, an individual who lives in the state of Detroit in the United States. His account focuses on the abandoned buildings and companies/ factories that were left to the elements once Detroit had ran out of money. The areas in which ‘tonydetroit’ photographs are infamous for having a worryingly high crime rate, so most people will either be put off visiting by these statistics, or are simply geographically too far away to see it.


Both of these are examples of ways in which I, and many other artists and admirers, can view interesting places through another’s set of eyes. Searching through Instagram and finding images is easy, as all you need to do is ‘Like’ them, and they are saved to a personal gallery of yours. This is great when lacking inspiration, or simply looking to create moodboards.


With these images, I’ve managed to collect images from below in order to create a small collection of images that will be used as inspiration for my project. Whether it be the tone, colours, lighting, actual assets or textures, these have proven Instagram as a unique and beneficial tool to any artist.

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