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Practice numero uno

During my summer, I interned at a Descartes, a French University in Bastille, Paris. During my time in Paris, I took a LOT of photos of interesting buildings, decorations and landscapes in a culturally rich city. I put the most photogenic ones on my instagram, (viewable at: but most of them were just cool elements of Paris that looked interesting to visually represent in a 3D, game ready manner.

My personal favourite was a fountain located at the Versailles Chateau. It looked quirky, cheeky and fun, which I thought would transfer over if I tried to make it. In order to improve my Zbrush skills, I wanted to get highly detailed environment pieces and create them, and this was the perfect example:

IMG_2860 IMG_2862 IMG_2857

(Images all taken myself from Versaille Palace)

I began to create a base mesh in Maya, DynaMesh’d it and began to sculpt the large details, but the end result re-topologised didn’t look as I had hoped. Here was the result on my Twitter:

This year I am motivated to not allow myself to rush assets and take the time to make sure they truly are professional quality, so I began again.

This is a sculpt progress shot, around 2 hours in, after using the same base mesh.


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