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Professional Practice – Old timey radio

During my Paris stay, I made a nice asset of a radio to dress the kitchen in our game level during a Game Jam. The asset itself was very high quality and I was very proud of what I achieved, but the texturing was a rush job, and using simple Maya shaders I was able to create a decent prop. In PBR’d, Triple A PS4/XB1 titles, I can’t do this. Therefore, i’m going to spend some time making this asset perfect, and adding a personal twist to the original source imagery.

Here is the source: (Image from


I created the asset, and textured using basic shaders to save time, this is what it looked like before texturing.


To save on faces, I re-did the dials and gave it the full PBR treatment. Here is the texture maps:

And the final result:

As you can see….

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