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Research – People’s favourite game environments

Doing case studies on 3D game environments is a great way to personally interact with game worlds and understand why the good ones are so captivating, and which ones don’t work as well. I have limited funds and cannot buy every game in the world, so my exposure to game worlds is relatively narrow. Therefore, I used the power of social networking once again to ask friends and peers what their favourite game worlds were, and why. Here are the results:


(Photo screenshot from Facebook)

Dark Souls made 2 appearances, and Bioshock has been recommended to me twice too. A variety of art styles, game genres and motifs are apparent in this selection, and I will choose some to study. Obviously there are too many to go into depth on all, so i’ll study Journey (As it always appears in modern articles about game immersion), Dark Souls, Bioshock & Shadow of the Colossus.

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