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Whatever bae means, Quixel Suite’s DDo Painter is it.

I’ve been working pretty solid on a sculpt of a statue fountain thing from when I was in Paris, which was shown previously in this blog.

The re-topology was good, but the bakes were bad, textures were awful, and it was all going terribly. Thankfully, I managed to get in touch with a lovely guy who works at Quixel, and he sent me a link to a beta version of Quixel Suite 2.0, which includes DDo Painter, Quixel’s version of Substance Painter. Oh my, it’s insane.

After around 2 hours, I was able to turn an untextured model into something awesome looking, super PBR and super pretty. Check it out.

There is still a little bit to do, add weathering, tidying up masks/ scratches/ decent render (Still need to pick up Toolbag 2) but i’m happy with it for now, quickly rendered in 3DO. Here is it, with maps below.

Versailles_edit1 Versailles_edit2


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