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Meeting with Ken, 3D Lecturer

After focusing my project down on the technical and artistic merits I wanted to express in my honours project, I decided to ask a lecturer, Ken for a meeting to discuss my idea and get some feedback.

He saw a presentation of mine as gave some great advice, mainly being – Focus on the art, not on the design.

I also got some great sources of inspiration in the case of movies which use visual cues to tell a narrative rather than outright say it. This is great for my project as it’s almost entirely visually based. In order to help me guide players down a path I want them to take, I must create interest for them to discover down that path.


The film Event Horizon is a story about people returning from an unexplained journey through space, and trying to figure out why (and what) they returned (with).


Outpost was another film recommended to me as it focuses on an abandoned bunker, with the objective of finding out what has happened inside.

Both of these will be incredibly useful in terms of design and how to implement subtle cues, but on an artistic side too. Thinking about textures/ lighting, these films will lend their palettes as inspiration.

On a realistic note, the topics of Rendlesham Forest & the fall of the Berlin Wall were discussed.


A UFO landed and there is a video clip of the interaction on YouTube. It’s 3+ hours long, so I won’t link it! But after hearing it, the legitimate surprise and shock of the discoverers is a great way to get an idea of the tension and tone I should aim to evoke.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1992 resulted in Germany downsizing its military, as peace in Germany began to increase. This meant a lot more military bases were being decommissioned, which helps to add a real reason for the narrative i’m trying to create.

Overall it was a really useful meeting in terms of focusing my vision, with the main comeaway being that I need to focus on everything looking pretty, rather than create a game. As an artist, that is my intention.

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