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Moodboards and asset influences


Above are images of abandoned soviet and German military bases or monuments, which have all since been abandoned. I chose ones which look looming, menacing, and disheveled. The image in the top left shows a base built into the surrounding, indicating all activity took place underground, like in the film Men in Black. This concept interests me, but I can’t think of a way to utilise this to create a creepy, menacing tone. This will easily be achieved by creating a low, long building which goes into the distance and towers over the player. The underground aspect may be able to be implemented elsewhere though. The monument idea interested me, so I decided to create a sheet of those to for inspiration.


The secret soviet submarine base was designed to be unseen from most angles unless you knew where it was, and personnel were on incredibly tight secrity. Family members were only allowed to visit with permission directly from the Government. The idea of grounds in front of the building with a monument on it interests me, and it would undoubtedly intrigue the player. A monument to an unheard-of war or something that hints at a conspiracy or aliens would be super cool.


These bases and buildings above are useful for degredation and research into how the buildings collapse and weather over extended periods of time with no maintenance. Detroit took around 50 years to look similar to this, so a period of around 8 years will do a lot in a forest, but not to these extremes. The moss has began to creep into the metal and warp it, so i’ll have to take this into consideration, how tree roots and weeds can affect structures.

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