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Reading list – Useful Quotes I will share

During the process of research, I read a lot of books. Here is a small sample!


I managed, in total, to gather 13,000+ words of useful quotes from 22 sources, and I grouped them into areas of use for future reference. One section I created was ‘Questions’, or quotes I had which I could explore in order to help me create better work.

From The Guide to great video game design – Scott Rogers:

‘Don’t become so attached to your ideas that you lose objectivity.’ – If something is shit, don’t be afraid to cut it out. It will benefit the overall project, quality over quantity.

‘Just as with naming characters, you need to give your level the right name- one that fits its feel.’ – Names add intrigue, do not underestimate them.

‘Foreshadowing is a powerful tool to get players excited about the activities and dangers found in a level.’ – Breaking Bad did it beautifully. I will research into foreshadowing in one of my future posts!

‘Use lighting, sound effects and geometry to make a level look foreboding. In games, one of the best uses of posters is in Bioshock when the player, first entering Rapture, sees posters advertising the super-powers giving plasmids. Only when the player learns about the plasmids and what they can do is their significance understood.’  – As an artist trying to show off art, this takes a back seat, but if time allows, a lot of effort will be put into making the sound add drama. Lighting, of course, is absolutely pivotal.

‘Players have to reach a goal, and the level is built to help them reach it.’ – Difficult to have in my level, but definitely essential. There needs to be an endgame, even if only small, but something to let the player know they have ‘won’.

‘Players are drawn towards light but they tend to avoid or overlook dark places.’

101 Things in Learned in Architecture School – Mathew Frederick

‘Our experience of an architectural space is strongly influenced by how we arrive in it.’ – When I was in Paris, the small foyer to the Sacré Cœur was tiny, which emphasized the overarching monolithic size of the basilica. It was breathtaking, and I genuinely believe it was because of the way I entered.

Land & Landscape – Brenda Colvin

‘The control which modern man is able to exert over his environment is so great that we easily overlook the power of the environment over man.’ – What a line!

There are many, many more, but I realise this is getting very text heavy. ONWARDS I MUST GO!

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