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Tpz 1 Fuchs – Practice

Looking into German wars and their post WW2 history, I thought it was necessary to find out what vehicles they used in the 90’s. The most interesting of those still active was the TPz 1 Fuchs defence machine, a tank-like vehicle with 6 wheels and stocked with weaponry up to its face.


Courtesy of Wikimedia.

I managed to find blueprints of the vehicle, as basic as they were, and I began to create it. TPz_Fuchs

Courtesy of

After a few days, it became clear i’d learned a few skills creating this. The wheels were difficult, so I just created them as I saw them for normal mapping purposes in the future. The fans were difficult to create, but once I figured out the fan shape using a sub-d’d cube and a lattice deformer, they worked after smoothing. I plan to retopologise a lot of this to make it suitable for a game, but i’m happy with this so far. I will texture it in Quixel Suite 2.0 Beta, and it will look magnificent.

ttt tt t

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