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Creating ‘The Icon’ – weavesilk

Pretty pivotal to my story is ‘The Icon’ a force which the government built a base around in the early 1900’s. It’s an unknown force, of intense beauty which causes reality to shift in the eyes of humans. There is no origin and seemingly no purpose for it to be on Earth, but it is and the German Government sealed it away for research and protection of the rest of society.

I had to think of cool ways to present such an ethereal, beautiful artifact that seems innocent but is one of the deadliest anomalies in the known universe. I remembered using a website called I used a few years ago to create fun patterns for no reason,  but now it seems as if there is a real purpose for it. I created some mystical patterns with relatively thick lines that could be sculpted/ modelled.


The shapes were awesome, but I thought maybe a mix of colours would be exciting too, so I experimented with that.


They all resemble human objects such as thrones (top left, image 2), a sword (middle, image 2), a power source (second from bottom left, image 1) or a key (second down left, image 1). This adds a familiar element to understand it’s context in the world (Power source, don’t touch or die/ key – unlock a secret) without being obvious, it’s going to be up to the player to decipher the shape and then discover its purpose. The game will end at the discovery of The Icon, so it is left open to interpretation.

So far, the orange key design and the pink sword are my favourites, lending to a threatening, aggressive Icon, or a mysterious, potentially omniscient Icon.

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