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Meeting Yannic Kawan – WW2/ Germany research

Yannic is a 3rd Year Computer artist Lynn introduced me to, due to his fascination and knowledge of WW2 bases/ vehicles, and his native language of German.

He gave some incredibly insightful points and a lot of things to consider I hadn’t thought about. For example, in an underground facility dealing with such a secretive and secluded matter, the people inside would most likely be there 24/7, monitoring and analysing due to the unpredictability of The Icon. Therefore, living facilities, food stores, canteens, gyms and bathrooms. They’d need to have secure lines to other government facility although blacklisted, so the technology would have to be incredibly advanced for it’s time and constantly upgraded.

Contact: Communication equipment is seen on display inside the bunker designed to serve as a relocation site for members of the U.S. Congress

(Images from Daily Mail)

Electrical systems would have to have been installed after the original build, so will be external to the walls. With such a precious anomaly being analysed, security would have to be incredibly tight.

(Courtesy of This is the security of the Berlin Wall, giving an insight to how the German’s and the former Soviet Union designed security. With numbers 8,9 and 10 being vehicle prevention by leading them into a ground lull, with 6 being a watchtower and tank stopping concrete spikes, behind 5. There was an extraordinary amount of protection for the wall, so imagine what it’s like for a secret blacksite. Insane!

(“Westwall01”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons – Above is an image of anti-tank protection blocks, colloquially known as ‘Dragon’s Teeth’. They lead tanks into killing zones to be destroyed by anti-tank missiles. These were common in Germany and would be a great addition in open spaces.

I’ll also have to consider the ventilation, gas protection, radiation protection & blast doors, the size similar to the image below.

Immense protection: Chef Richard Rosendale opens a blast door while walking to his kitchen in The Bunker below the Greenbrier Resort January 10, 2013 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Images from Daily Mail –

Image from

He let me know some incredibly useful elements including how to write them in German. The language isn’t important to understand, but I hope in the the game the player will be able to understand the meaning through context.

The level of security on  a blacksite is above Top Secret. It’s known as ‘Top Secret/SCI’ which means, data is of ‘Sensitive Compartmented Information’, the highest form of government security.

(Image from

There are also underground complexes in Germany found at: which hint at secret facilities underground inside mountains, tying in closely to my idea.

Overall, there is a lot more research to be done to add authenticity to the site, and this helped tremendously. Thanks Yannic!

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