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Alex Grahame & Gary Soutar

Researching art and games is interesting, but I feel like I should try and find some artists who have been doing the same thing as me in the years past.

Alex Grahame and Gary Soutar are two Abertay Alumni who are now in the industry at The Chinese Room and Rockstar North. As Rockstar North is the eventual goal for me as a job (Enviroment Artist) I thought it would be good to use their project as pseudo-benchmarks for my own project.

Alex Grahame’s portfolio shows a diverse set of skills in incredibly clean, realistic models. Like the model below she created during her Honours year ¬†like I am doing now. The model is incredibly well thought out and concepted, a skill I have yet to fully utilise due to my lack of skill concept painting.


This level of quality and presentation is what I strive to achieve myself. You can see how much of a dramatic improvement her current work is, although both old and new are very impressive.


Gary Soutar is an amazing artist who’s portfolio I adored before it was unfortunately taken down. His work for his honours project is thankfully still open, and the blog is a great resource for ideas and inspiration.


His annotations are funny and accurate, without any unnecessary information to help get the point across quickly. His art is iterative and uses a lot of reference images and concept art to help guide his artistic decisions.

His work is fantastic and his final project video is very impressive. I’d like to use concept art and references in my own work.

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