Posted in Imagery, Iterative process, Practical Work, Textures and Materials

Landscape Materials Part 1

The landscape is the literal foundation for my environment, so that had to be looking pretty nice before I got serious anywhere else. I knew I had 3 main ones pivotal for an environment like mine. Grass texture for the ground, gravel/ ballast for the tracks, and rocks for the mountainous backdrop. Mud is optional as well as tarmac, and variations of grass. I began looking through my source photos from the image gathering I had done earlier in the year, and found 2 grass textures with lots of interest and detail to play with.



I created tiling textures from both but creating Normals maps was proving to be incredibly difficult. I have seen videos of people who have had textures like this and sculpted in the accurate normals using Zbrush, and I wanted to give it a go. I tried in Maya but it did not look good at all, the shapes were awkward and the normals weren’t working, I just thought it would be hugely easier to make them in NDo.


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