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Story Document

Being a reader, I love stories and imagining them. Stephen King is the master of long and deep charatcer development and stories spanning over time and distance. I wanted to give that a go for this project, so I created a plot document which is a timeline of events leading up to the game. It not only helps to contextualise everything I do, when I do it and why its relevant, but it’s also a good foundation for making sense of dates and correcting any false information I may create:

June 1904: In the Harz, residents found strange object. They reported it to the authorities in Germany. Police barricade the area. Special Services are alerted and sent to location.

July 1904: Police are all dead or missing, strange occurrences are happening, including lobotomies without incisions and genetics being altered.

July 1904: Government officials are made aware and try to remove the artifact. They are unsuccessful so begin to barricade it.

September 1904: The area is showing signs of anti-universal laws and physics, the Government blacklist the site and begin research into the artifact.

December 1904: Media coverage of mass deaths in villages around the Harz, government officials blamed an unfortunate water contamination outbreak. In reality, the Government needed to kill the locals in order to keep the blacksite project a secret.

January 1910: The construction of Blacksite 14a is completed. The Icon is named and contained.

August 1913: Select people around the globe begin experiencing strange recurring nightmares, they wake up in sweat and to a bright light. One of these people is Gavrilo Princip.

June 1914: Gavrilo Princip kills Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

July 1914: WW1 begins.

April 1918: Gavrilo Princip has contracted tuberculosis is jail, his right arm is amputated. Upon removal, the arm begins to show signs of non-Newtonian physics. The arm is sent to isolation, where it is analysed.

April 1918: After 14 years of activity, The Icon seemingly loses power. The object stops emanating energy, and research continues.

June 1918: Gavrilo Princip has died, the test results show his arm was built from unstable genetics, and there is a deeply imprinted birthmark on his left Humerus. The birthmark becomes an infamous anomaly in the scientific community, it is named the ‘Winged sword’ after its peculiar shape.

May 1920: Eugène Gabritschevsky, renowned biologist, is given a Government Top Secret project, in order to understand the effects of The Icon on humans.

October 1928: Eugène Gabritschevsky begins experiencing headaches and pains. A marking appears under his skin, just below his left wrist, in the shape of a sword. A year later, he is diagnosed with schizophrenia.

February 1939: Eugène Gabritschevsky almost attempts suicide. He tried to overdose on his medication, but his arm begins to glow a dark red as all of his blood rushes to his birthmark, and he faints before he can attempt suicide. In response, The Icon reactivates and burrows deep underground. The Intel from 14a indicates it destroyed the base and the mountain up to 30m below its original position. The base is evacuated.

December 1939: Personnel are deployed to fight with the Nazi’s. 12 top secret agents and 43 construction workers are deployed to area 14a and begin the rebuild of the base.

December 1946: Knowledge and images of Gavrilo Princip’s ‘Winged Sword’ birthmark are shared, and Blacksite 14a begins construction of a monument to commemorate the rebuild of the base. The base is erased from all government databases and becomes a legal rogue unit (LRU) in response to the medical public questioning. The project is still funded under a black budget, but communication and resources are stopped to severe all non-vital connections to the project.

June 1948: The final funded non vital project on site is completed by construction workers. A statue is erected of the Icon. It is named the ‘Valiant Winged Sword’.

January 1950: Personnel are redeployed to 14a, and research on the Icon continues.

February 1950: A high ranking government official arrives at area 14a. He performs an execution on all 12 agents and 43 construction workers involved in the rebuilt, and the base is now only accessed by researchers and security personnel. The day is remembered as the Jee-Hau. (GHAU) “God has abandoned us”.

April 1979: Eugène Gabritschevsky dies. His last painting is of a barren wasteland, and a singular sword centred above the wreckage. The Icon once again switches off.

April 1979: You are born. You have a rare condition where your genetics contain an unknown strand of great power, but it remains unused in your genetic makeup. The first case recorded. You have a birthmark, a strange symbol on your left wrist, in the shape of a sword. You are kept under a watchful eye for the first 4 years of your life.

November 1997: You experiment with marijuana, while in a public space. You begin to convulse and your birthmark begins to turn red as all the blood in your arm rushes to it. You wake up 3 days later in a hospital, with no recollection of what’s happened, a secret service escort, and the news you indirectly seriously injured 7 people in your local area. They are all stable.

December 1997: You are released from hospital. You are followed without your knowledge by secret service agents who saw what happened in November at the public space. They received Intel ‘The Icon’ has begun to display signs of activity after 18 years of inactivity, right before your attack. The Service known only as ‘An Eagles Flight’ began to subtly change events in your life which would lead you down a path of being a traveller.

January 1999: You win tickets for a flight to and from Poland for an expedition, from a competition you don’t remember entering. The travel company name is ‘Valiant Wing Enterprises’. You change flights at

Tegel Airport, Germany.

April 1999: Your expedition. You fly from Leeds to Tegel but the flight is interrupted and you safely emergency land in the Harz. Due to the panic of the land, you exhibit symptoms similar to November 1993, but you don’t pass out. You just see an expulsion of energy from you and certain objects change their molecular identity and the people around you begin to fuse with the air molecules and ground. You try and look for help but realise you’re alone and you shorted out the plane’s equipment. You head towards the nearest path, that just so happens to be the Icon Blacksite.

April 1999: Your journey begins.

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