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Army container

Obviously, military personnel need supplies and crates are a really common way of delivering them. They make sense to come in crates because they can easily be delivered by train.

I searched for ‘army container’ and found the easily recognisable type one, this:

(Image from

It is called the U.S. G.I. Large Hardigg Hard Plastic Waterproof Storage Chest! What a mouthful. But I loved the shape and it’s emptiness, so I decided to make it and cover it in funky colours and logos.

I tried working from a high-poly workflow this time, creating the asset as life-like as possible before creating the low poly equivalent to UV and bake to!


Once I was happy I began deleting edge loops and combining some verts. Once I had added the detail of the handles and grips, I was ready to UV and send over to Quixel Suite.


I threw the object into the texturing engine and played around with colour and scratches until I created something that looked battlescarred but undamaged. These things are designed to resist a lot of brutality, so the texturing had to indicate that.



It came out very well and overall one of my favourite assets. I captured the tone of it being a bit old and beaten up, but very much still in tact and secure.

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