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Creating a PBR Rock Wall Texture

Wanting to create unique textures is something i’ve always found daunting, but it was about time I gave it a real attempt. I made a tunnel a few days back, and thought it needed an interesting brick texture to create an appeal of it being more than a generic prop. Something pretty and interesting was needed. I found this video, and created the basic .obj and imported into Zbrush.

I began sculpting with a tiling curve and created a rock wall texture.


Once it was created, I baked a specular map from Zbrush, imported into Maya and created a normal map. Using textures from, I created an albedo by duplicating a diffuse, desaturating, inverting and then applying that layer as a soft light blend mode. The results if


After applying all of these to a material in Unreal Engine, I applied it to my mesh and it turned out great. Welcome to the scene!


I’m very pleased with the result and feel confident in my abilities to create PBR quality textures now!


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