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Detailed Plinth

To allow players to understand a little more about the eagle statue in front of the base entrance, I thought it would be nice to create a small plinth with some textual information for players to get an idea of what it is they’re seeing.

I created a basic plinth shape, and due to the material I wanted to use (Rock) I beveled it pretty intensely, really smoothing the corners. Over the summer when I was home, I went to the Hemlock Stone near Stapleford, and the information on the plinth there was very informative.

(Image taken by me)

It gave me an idea of the height and angle I should be aiming for, so I created this



The smooth edges help to sell the stone carving idea, and the type is clear and looks like it would have been used to print into metal around half a century ago.

I was happy with it so added it to my scene, after adding a little dirt into the text normal map. The text is clear under the right lighting, but my scenes lighting isn’t perfect yet. I may have to correct the asset a little to allow the information to come across clearer if lighting in my scene changes dramatically.


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