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Train pt.1

With train tracks, obviously I was going to need a train. I have created a train every year since second to be able to actively see how much my skills have improved by comparing quality of assets throughout time. I remembered a photo I had taken in Paris of a really cool piece of freight and I thought that would work well in my environment.


(Image taken from my Instagram)

I researched as to what the actual style of freight was and came across other variations of it, the bulkhead flatcar freight. I found this heavy, huge looking industrial beast on Google, and wanted to know what it was specifically to find more pictures of it:

I consulted Reddit, and the sub /r/trains managed to help me find its name, the SSW bulkhead. After searching for it, I began modelling the basic frame as a high poly model.


Once the high poly had been finished I began the painstaking process of re-topology. For another time! I need a beer now.

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