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Trees – Ugh

I cannot make trees very well – Ryan Shearer 1993-2015.


Reference photos from christmas inbound:

(Images all taken by me)

These are helping me with understanding how trees are shaped, they are so eclectic in their shape and amount of offshoots and branches. All completely random in their form and thickness, varying without any real predictability. They are certainly difficult to get right, but nevertheless, lets give it a shot:

I created what was almost a modular kit of branch shapes using curves and extruded with a poly face:


I placed them on a long thick  branch which was the main tree stalk thing (Swear there is a name for it, but it has escaped me (The fuselage of a tree (HELP))) and it turned out pretty cool, but not very tree like. Not a lot of randomness it felt like, too inorganic. Definitely needed another go.


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