Posted in Iterative process, Modelling and Sculpting, Textures and Materials

Trees 2 – This time its personal

I needed to create some decent trees so after the last attempt, I needed to create some proper trees.

I made a new Maya project and wouldn’t take no for an answer, I made them, and I made them good.


The trees are made to be used in all sorts of scenarios, with the tall tree to be background dressing or foreground details. The large tree is meant to take up a lot of space and fill out emptier areas, and the middle tree is versatile and can be scaled accordingly to my needs.

I used the same process as last time, just getting the ‘kit’ style branches and playing around. This time the only thing different was I paid attention to add more and create more strange shapes using scales and rotation. It came out well. Now I just need to figure out how they do the leaves in games…..

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