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Eagle Statue

As my research suggested, a large looming icon to not only foreshadow future events but to also make the character feel small would be a great way to add intrigue to the entrance of my base.

Attempts to create the Icon created from the Silk images proved too difficult, the overall aesthetic could not be achieved effectively from polygons, it would most likely only be achieved through particles or cloth.

The logo design I had created had a logo to symbolise the shape of the Icon, but also the help and vested interest the USA had sank into the project. I found a simple image of an eagle perched on a branch which looked bold and confident, a suitable pose for a bird considered majestic and strong in so many cultures.

Mountain Eagle Statue60314017

I created a base mesh in Maya because I’m not hugely confident creating meshes from scratch in Zbrush.


As long as the geometry was relatively accurate, I wouldn’t need to Dynamesh and re-topo, saving me valuable, sweet time. I subdivide in Zbrush and sculpted details, smoothing at around the 3rd level of sub-d. I was able to add enough detail for a stone statue.


I created the normal map once I UV’d the low poly, added a generic test texture in Unreal and tested how it looked!


As you can see, it looks like a giant pigeon squeaky toy. Not exactly what I was going for. Back to the drawing board I guess.

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