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Meeting with Ken

Last week I had created the chew-toy pige-… Eagle statue, and I was aware it hadn’t turned out great. I had a meeting with supervisor Ken & he gave me a lot of advice in the direction to take.

Overall, 3 main aspects of the game were needing improvement:

  • My chicken statue
  • Scaling down
  • Terrain textures

The statue is going to have to be completely redone with a better pose, a more dangerous and looming idea. I think an eagle with its wings spanned would be better, so i’ll give that a go this week. My environment was much too big and the assets were drowned out in the scale, there was too much room for not enough excitement. Ken also made the incredibly valid point that playing with the lighting would benefit me. To highlight the statue by framing the light behind it would help create more drama at the base entrance. I also needed to make the environment look less like snow, and make it clearer what the ground texture is. It was just a placeholder, but it is very distracting. Here’s an image of the current progress as of Feb9:



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