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Torn EB transmitter

I wanted to create an asset in the environment to test my skills at creating something from the real world. A Torn E.B Transmitter was a communications device used in Germany and I thought it would make a great addition to the environment because of the ability to add radio and sound from a valid physical source.

I used images found on google as sources, and began modelling:



It came out really successful, but not 100% accurate. There were some scaling issues and a small amount of creative liberty was used, but it is still relatively accurate to reality.


The texture work was pretty fun, I used template metals and adjusted them by adding wear and tear such as cavity dirt and scratches, and I added the logo I designed on the side to signify it belongs here, and to the military. The name was added along with the dial information to add some interesting details and break up the dark spaces, and a decrepit german flag was added to make it seem like it was someones beloved machine. A personal Torn EB to one of the operatives. How sweet.screen03.png


Above is the texture breakdown, the albedo, normal, metallic and specular.


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