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Bricks and using foliage!

After I had created my rocks in Zbrush and gotten the low poly versions from a Zplugin, I began texturing. I completely gforgot moss appears on rocks near water and just created some moss rocks like the one below.


I had also now imported my bricks, grass and dead grass so I had an almost ‘foliage kit’. Unreal has a great system for implementing randomly sized foliage so creating a bit of variation between was no problem at all.


Only after a meeting with Ken did I realise that I had created these without any water, so I had to create some normal rocks which was easy, just open up the Quixel project and remove the moss layer. I had a full set of foliage ready to set around my environment.

I’ve created moss rocks and I don’t want to waste them, so if I can i’ll try and work in some water like puddles or maybe a reservoir they can live in.

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