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Landscape materials!

LANDSCAPE MATERIALS. What fun. To set them up to make my landscape not look like a dandruff ocean, I had to create landscape layer blend nodes to attach textures into.


I created a layer and a height blend for each individual element for the material to be told how many texture it will be switching between for the base colour/ roughness, and how much priority it gets in the terrain. It’s a clever wee system.

I then plugged in my textures (Albedos) with the LandscapeCoords node, which basically tells the materials how small to tile the textures. The rocks needed to be much bigger than the grass, so I used a separate node.


I did this for all of the nodes in the roughness and normals too, with normals I could use constant values to sweep roughness values as the density of the textures wasn’t really worth getting bespoke maps for.

It came out looking good!


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