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Flakzwilling .40

As mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to create a Flakzwilling .40 AA gun which would eradicate any airborne enemies closing in on the base. I gathered the reference image I have shown before and began modelling, and before you know it I had finished the high poly.


I took some time cutting out unnecessary edge loops and lowering the polycount before UVing, and baking a normal map. I had issues creating a normal map which I could not solve at all, so I just had to leave it as the low poly without a normal map, and simply use the normal map from Quixel Suite’s textures. I threw the model into Quixel and quickly began texturing to create a rusty, abandoned old machine. HighresScreenshot00041.png

If I have time I’ll go back and bake a good normal map, but also spend time giving it a more varied set of textures, with a lot more detail. For now, this will work nicely. I duplicated it around my map to make the area look as fortified as possible.

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