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Designing Modular sets – Maya Part 2

After adding the additional detailing to the Maya scene, I began to UV and organise them all in order to test textures.


The checker immediately pointed out some issues with UV’s which were unfortunately going to have to stay if tiling was to be achieved. I created a really basic texture for the walls in Quixel Suite, and tested it out, but it looked far too noisy for a coridor that was meant to be clean (Or at least, appear to be).


It looked very creepy and horror-esque, but it didn’t suit the mood I needed for the first level.


I started again, creating a much more basic texture will less dirt and grime, and created this one, which worked great! I was able to use the same spec and normal map as they were not too noisy, so it worked out really well.


Now to put it in Unreal, and see if it works. Wish me luck!

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