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Interior Modular sets – Unreal 4

The modular sets in Maya I created were a little too small so I updated their scale by 1.5 and froze transformations. I imported them all into Unreal 4 and snapped the grid to divisions of 50 and began building. I created the same set up I had in Maya, as I had a good guide to work from and the design seemed relatively easy to create in engine.


The red dot is player start, green is the pickup to unlock the door and the blue is The Icon.


These scribbles give an idea of how the wall align and what elements are simply there to add detail. The wall mounts and pipes are simply to add interest, and at the moment this is all the set dressing I have. I plan to add vents to reference the air intakes on the previous level, as well as knocked over objects such as tables and computers to give the impression the last time someone was in here, it was chaos.

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