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Lake and mountain exploring area!

As previously mentioned in a post a while back, I wanted to add my moss rocks to some water so they weren’t wasted. I didn’t have time to create any water, so I just used the default water material in Unreal’s Starter Content & placed a long box of ‘water’. It does the job fine, and I can build upon it. I placed a tree fallen to indicate to players they can’t go past here as that’s a pretty obvious sign, but just to make sure I put an invisible wall there. There is nothing there, but the water doesn’t go anywhere so I’m trying to divert player attention from this minor misstep because of the late implementation.


The rocks looks very cool at the waterside, and I created a small path the get from one side to the other. The player can walk on the water, but the illusion they can’t and the game has a path for them will help any immersion breaks. When players see a path across terrain they know is uncrossable through life experience, they will take it.


It adds another side to the environment, unfortunately with time closing in I don’t have any solid plans to add any narrative content this side of the water but I hope I will if time allows, if only to reward players who dare venture this far from the path.

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