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The base is situated underground and will need fresh intakes of air as well as heat sinks/ vents to prevent overheating underground. Therefore I created some vents to intake air and send it down, and also ground vents to allow heat out.

(Images from 28dayslater &

The above images were texture and shape inspirations for my vent, which utilised similar styles as these were common for ROC posts, which are posts for monitoring nuclear events.


The basic mesh was created with a lot of coft curves to transfer the rock texture well, and not much details so I could dynamesh in Zbrush and add detail there without bothering with a separate mesh for re-topo. I threw it into Zbrush and added some scuffs and damage.


The polycount somehow got way out of hand without me noticing, and Maya struggled big time. Thankfully, I took both of these assets out via export and got my maps from xNormal which handles high density meshes without a sweat.

I then took it all into Quixel Suite, with the intention of adding a little story to it. With the vent being a pretty unmissable little detail, a dashing of blood and a message would work really well.


Lauf is German for Run, it’s plastered over a lot of my assets outside so hopefully even if people don’t know what it means, simply from context they will know it certainly isn’t good.

Heres a finished picture of the asset with the PBR texture in engine.


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