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As the environment needed to portray a sense of danger and make it seem as though the residents of the area fled in fear, grenades help sell that.

I researched what types of grenades were used in Germany pre- 1990, and the most common ones were the ‘pineapple’ percussion grenade, and the ‘potato masher’. These had a lot of historical websites dedicated to them, so sourcing images was easy. I began modelling the high poly versions to bake down.


I took great care to avoid creating bad geometry like last time, so this time re-topo would be less painless. IT TOTALLY WAS! As you can see from above, the low poly was much easier to create and make look really good. I added a lot of decals like i’ve done with other assets to create story, the larger grenade has german text to show a personal touch to the residents of the blacksite, and the grenade has the Iron Cross logo for patriotic values. Here’s a render with the army box!

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