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I created a mesh for a wiremesh fence, an electric one, with 2 layers of fencing (The electric barbs in front of a chain link fence. The result was the image shown below!


This was achieved through an unusually laborious set of techniques but they came out looking great. I got an image of an electric fence and modelled the nooks, and placed them around to get a random placement feel. There were three different shapes as you can tell from the protrusions in the normal map shown below.

Once I had baked the normal map, I selected the areas which were normal, singled them out and painted over them to create an alpha map. Then I could simply apply block textures and only the areas with normals would be affected. Here is a breakdown of the Albedo// Alpha//Metallic//Normal//Alpha again, and the Roughness. fenceee

They look great in engine as you can see, and when they are loaded they look incredibly realistic but unfortunately they suffer pretty badly from texture load in.


This is a render from a matinee, which shows (Even with texture streaming disabled), it takes too long to render and looks horrible and blocky. It’s an issue I have no idea how to solve and when it comes to rendering Matinee sequences for cutscenes or even a trailer, this is going to be a big issue.


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