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Building the Entrance

I really wanted some good ol’ Blast Doors but absolutely nothing I created worked in context, or even looked very good. Back to the drawing board it was, until I remembered playing Mass Effect.

Mass Effect had a level, where you rescue Liara and to get to her, you had to enter a mine that was built into a rock/ mountainside. Sound familiar?… Totally didn’t copy. Honest.

(Image from

The project is a weird fiction, or possibly sci-fi project with elements of supernatural forces and magical objects, so a  touch of sci-fi wouldn’t go amiss. I was inspired and worked incredibly quickly, and came up with this design. The first entrance I created that worked!


With the circular motif taken from the Sci-fi entrances of the 1990’s/2000’s tv shows such as Stargate SG-1, I added an old CCTV style camera to add a level of security, and a keypad where an officer would stand and allow personnel in. In order to show the player this was still active,  I wanted to create some emissive lighting from the keypad, to show access has been granted. I created the textures and then made an emissive map with green and red areas to show the screens still worked. It ended up looking like this within engine.


I’m still working on the terrain so the gap will be filled once I figure out how to hide elements of terrain, that is the next big step I think. Soon! Here is a breakdown of the Normal/ Metallic/ Roughness/ Albedo:



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