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A little ambience

My scene at the minute has just had its lighting overhauled with HDRI, and the source is behind where the main statue will go as per Ken’s advice. Sadly, although the overall lighting direction and colour is right, the ambience and overall eerie atmosphere has disappeared.

I took inspiration from the Deadpool breakdown earlier, and looked at how to create a more believable blend between the backdrop and the foreground, making it less severe and abrupt.

I looked into how to add some fog, and played around with the built in fog volumes in the Unreal engine. This is a before and after:


Not only has it helped create an allure of mystery and ambience, but it’s also blurred out the background so it seems further away, giving the illusion the area to explore is much bigger than it actually is. It also generally looks more realistic, without a gradual decline in colour saturation it looks cartoonish. This simple process of dragging a box into the environment and scaling it has proved hugely useful in the aesthetic of the environment, and I plan to look into particle effects to add a touch more drama to the scene.

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