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Creating the final Icon

So the eagle statue represented not only the shape but also the history and location of the Icon. I needed to now create the Icon which would be the central element to the whole plot. No pressure.

I started by cheating a little bit. I created a new Maya scene and imported 2 versions of the statue and placed them face to face.


I extended their heads and ruined topology but it didn’t matter, as I was going to Dynamesh in Zbrush anyway. I imported into the sculpting application and began adding details which would add a little intrigue. I searched for ‘mystical designs for some inpsiration and allof the images were almost tribal in antrure, interconnecting lines and motifs with symmtery and central design focus, such as eyes.


I took this motif and applied it to the now Dynamesh’d mesh using the clay buildup with no alpha and the dam standard. It was ready for retopology now!


Cross section of polys and mesh.

I threw the mesh back  into Maya and began using the quad draw tool to retopologise. The process is incredibly long and laborious but in the end you get a good low poly. Here’s the finished Icon in maya:


Once applying the normal map and creating some metallic, shiny blue textures with luminosity and opacity, I put it in engine and it looks great!


I duplicated the mesh and placed it underneath and scaled it down to appear like there was some otherworldly life to it, but as it is right now, it looks very stable and unimportant. I’m going to look into how to add a bit more danger and life to it next!

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