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Emergency Phone

A little more set dressing for the interior section is on today’s agenda. The base has been blacklisted from most military intervention but across the many floors of the base, there must be communication! From new discoveries to food orders, the inhabitants must have knowledge of all things happening in the vicinity. I gathered images of 90’s phones and found what they had in common: old school vibes, red colouring and some twisty cables I remember playing with as a kid.


(Images from Wikipedia, and

I created a mesh in Maya by combining the best elements of the above images, but taking care to make the asset seem rugged and tough, as it may come under a lot of use and damage in a military environment.


Much like the radio I created a few days ago, this asset isn’t hugely important for text, but simply its presence and shape is enough to explain to players what it is. A quick date with Quixel Suite and it’s ready to throw into engine


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