Posted in Level Design, Lighting

Lighting the interior level 2


Above are a couple of light examples of my interior level. The red circles indicate lights and particles, the middle ring being the ambient dust particles floating around. The only lights used in this environment are static Point lights, with light colour as purely white to bring out the natural yellows in the surroundings. The intensities range from 10,000 to 20,000 depending on the amount of space their light must radiate, with attenuation specific to each to create the best occlusion. The green circle is an example of this occlusion, with a corner busy with detail, light is bound to miss some areas and this creates a realistic lighting set up i’m loving. The blue circle is an example of the dark areas where light isn’t hitting, showcasing the depth of shadows and variation of colour in the environment. It’s been interesting to play with interiors, this has been my first time creating a real modular set, and i’m really happy with how the basics are going with it. I feel confident this lighting will create a realistic tone and players are going to understand where they are

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