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Tree foliage

As I have imported trees into my level, I will obviously need to put some leaves and branches on them. I have done this before, and it didn’t turn out hugely well, but I suppose it’s all a learning process. I gathered 5 different images of branches from, a great resource for textures.

I then deleted all of the white in the images, duplicated the layer, flooded it with black, selected the black and painted the selection as an alpha mask. I then added a green background to cover up any alpha spillage, and imported into Unreal. That is where I added opacity and the ambient movement I used on the grass.


I then placed them around the scene on the trees and this is the result. It’s all coming together now!


There is definitely room for improvement and I would certainly like to focus more on trees after the project, as I find them incredibly difficult even though technically it is the same technique used in modern games. I will download SpeedTree and break them down after the project and spend a lot of time working on it.

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