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Update of the week

So overall this week a lot has been achieved and I’m happy with the way things are coming along but there are a few issues I feel I’m not going to be able to correct. The trees aren’t looking too great, they get the point across and people don’t really focus on trees, but as they’re everywhere I’d have liked it if it was a little better looking. I’d like to learn how to properly texture the leaves, PBR and whether it’s worth making the maps for them higher red because at a lower res, the alpha map contains less detail than ideal. I’d also look into how they arrange the planes for the foliage too, as mine don’t seem to look as natural as those in EGTTR or GTAV.

The terrain materials are looking cool in regards to the rocks and ballast, but I still don’t like the grass. The PBR values aren’t accurate enough and I can’t figure out how to increase their accuracy on the basis there is a lot of differing details in them. I’m considering swapping it out or completely re-doing it, but as I say I probably won’t have time. Set dressing is still lacking on the interior, and I really hope I get time to properly look into how to dress it up and what with. The ventilation should be fitted in this week and the computer I want to create should too. It’s difficult making an environment that is meant to be clinical look full of life, especially when there are no rooms to enter. With some extra time id love to focus on creating some rooms and things to go in them.

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