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Getting dressed

My interior scene was lacking life and general set dressing, so I had a look at what I had been researching for interior sets in military contexts. Computers were an obvious one, so I had a look at their stylings. I found this one that you often see in moderate budget 90’s sci-fi films

(Image from

I modelled and textured, but needed a place to put it. I remembered my meeting with Yannic and scrolled through the blog to find this:

Contact: Communication equipment is seen on display inside the bunker designed to serve as a relocation site for members of the U.S. Congress

(Image from daily mail)

it seemed like good inspiration for more assets, and how they fit in with a room. It’s very communications based, which is cool for now but I think I want something to add that shows its military. I looked at bases and asked my friend Andrew Bunting who is in the Army what they have on the interiors of military buildings and bases. He brought up that images are often used, such as action shots of war or equipment such as tanks. I gathered a few unlicensed images from the vast web of the internet and found these beauties:


(Found on Wikimedia Commons & Shutterstock)

I will create photoframes for these and place them on the walls, which will indicate to the people who run it (Yes thats a Mario Savio quote, he was a cool dude).


It also made sense to add a Geiger counter as the main purpose of the base is to monitor the activity of the Icon. So Geiger counter too!

(Image from

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