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Assets are in – game FINITO


As I created yesterday, the assets I made came out very well and I textured them in Quixel Suite. I wanted to focus on small details this time and consistent colour schemes. The time period is memorable for the love of beige colors, characterised by the generic PC from the 90s.

The colours and quality of the materials needed to show that the objects looked tended to and peaceful, almost too clean to be believable. This is to help give the idea that all is well and to create a false sense of security for the player. I also gave a lot of thought to positioning, ie: where would you find phones? at terminals or areas far away from the main rooms. Radios can be placed where people work, possibly keeping mechanics company working on wiring/ pipes. The computers are placed in the hall to create a more open environment and to create the idea that collaborative work between scientists was common before the base’s abandonment.


The decision to add a Geiger counter was a last minute find, but makes a lot of sense. The base is there to research the anomaly, there needs to be specialist tools, which is why I designed intricate looking computer storage and a Geiger counter. This helps add to the visuals that it’s a scientific research station, and now I have added signage near the doors and audio triggered door key-code pads, the personalities of the workers can come through a little.


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