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Updating the material on the ground

After working on the project for so long, I had started to ignore some of the problems I thought weren’t really big and thought they weren’t essential to fix. One, and by far the biggest, was the way the grass texture on the terrain looks.


I had seen in many different exterior scenes others had made, and of course reality and source images, that the ground was mud and the grass was spread around it to add colour variation. I downloaded a free mud texture and created a tiled 2048×2048 texture to try to see if that works.


I created a normal using NDo’s template for mud, and desaturated and heightened the constrast to create a specular map. I then inverted them image to create a roughness, and then I had all the maps I needed for another material. I tested it in a new project as my honours project is currently running a LOT of stuff, and I didn’t want to affect the lighting. It looked really nice so I felt confident to add it to the project.


Unfortunately, the glitch mentioned earlier to do with the terrain not loading when compiling affected my project, so instead of adding it as a new material, I had to replace one of the grass materials with mud.

At least the mud is in there, but a texture fell in the process.


RIP grass_1.material. I’d be lying if I said i’d miss you.

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