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Rationale behind setting up level 3

Level 3 is my final level, almost designed to shock the player using techniques from horror games. I looked into games like Amnesia and PT on the PS4 to see what they use for dark, scary hallways and the answer seems to absolutely be the colour red, flickering lights, darkness & chaos.

(Image from PT, Konami, Kotaku)

 (Image from Resident Evil 2, found on gamefaqs.)

In response to these findings, I created a variation of blood stains and dirt textures. I applied them as decals and covered my scene with a variety of oddly placed assets to emulate chaos and mess.


The radio plays a sound bite, which gives the player more narrative understanding of what has happened but not enough to explain the plot, simply more information for the player to help them contextualise and create their own narrative. The Geiger counter makes an appearance here for a very good reason. The counter made a sound in Level 2, which was a mild beep considered a lot of radiation but not ridiculous. On Level 3, the noise is 4x faster, edited in Reaper, with a dissonant beeping over the top. If players heard the Geiger Counter in level 2, they will become aware of the different sound and understand the radioactivity has shot up exponentially since seeing this new environment. The PC is also sitting along with the magnetically destroyed monitor, also helping to show the player of the chaos and panic the residents were in. The word ‘LAUF’ makes a lot of appearances and the way in which it is so imperative on the wall should make players very aware of the imminent danger they face.

The lighting is designed to flicker to add yet more unease and the wall textures are all rust. The rust is to show degredation and players are aware that rust is never good, especially when in abundance like here.


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