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Expanding the project

Hypothetically speaking, given the chance I know a lot of what I would like to add to the game and beyond. This map created very early on shows the area surrounding the base, which i’d like to design and create, so the player has some more room to explore, where they will possibly see where the residents of the base ran too and how they ended up.


This would then lead to another area where the factions ‘Coiled Snake’ and ‘Sinister Serpent’ are hiding. These factions are briefly mentioned on the radio stations, and intrigued test players when they heard of them. The Icons around the globe are calling to you, and you are the destined person to shut them down and stop them erasing reality.

I’d like to go on to explain that the Icon not only shrouds the reality to a chosen few including the player, but also creates a warped, hell like reality similar to that of Event Horizon, which would explain why Eugène Gabritschevsky drew the paintings he did: After such a long time exposed to the Icon, his reality had shifted to the reality the Icon is from: Another dimension. HOW COOL! I want to make it now.


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